#STORYGAMES-What is a witch

I'm very proud of my 2 newborns. If you are a blogger that reviews ebooks and has a big following, I'd be glad to send you a free copy!! Let's talk!

Are you a fantasy writer that ends up with the same old witches characters all the time? Sometimes, all it takes is a word or image to give birth to something new. This is a visual prompt book that contains 30 beautiful photos and words prompts that tells you what the life of a real modern witch looks like, written by a practising witch. Ignite your creative genius and start writing witchy characters that feel genuine and authentic to your readers, by adding some magic into your writing! 

In there I explain the technique I taught in my creativity course years ago, "How to capture an idea", along with other 5 techniques to start playing, accumulating page after page of new stories. It can also be used as a journaling prompt book, by authors, writers, scriptwriters, dramatists, and artists in general.

#storygames: What is a Witch?


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